PT Pharmacy Sales Technician

PT Pharmacy Sales Technician
Franklin, NJ

Job Description

1. Assists Pharmacists to control inventories by keeping products well stocked. May order, receive and check in wholesaler orders. Logs invoices in inventory log and takes invoices to receiving clerk. Keeps shelves stocked as shipments arrive (including OTC's). Removes outdated or recalled products, processes paperwork for manufacturer returns or medication transfers.

2. Answers telephone and customer questions that do not require a pharmacist, receives refill requests, waits on and helps customers find over-the-counter items. Receives written prescriptions from customers, may obtain demographic and health information, retrieves and records necessary data and provides price quotes. Uses register to check out customers.

3. Enters data and processes prescriptions on a computer. Prints prescription labels and applies to vials.

4. Assists pharmacist by retrieving medications. Prepares for pick up by counting or pouring correct products. Bags completed prescriptions. Scans prescription into HIPAA computer and helps customer with electronic signature capture.

5. Assists with weekly paperwork. Prepares manual insurance claims and files written prescription forms. Maintains confidentiality and adheres to all company, legal and HIPPA regulations.

6. Performs housekeeping duties to comply with sanitation standards.

7. Ensures smooth function of department and store by cooperating with co-workers and superiors. Responsible to continuously improve job performance.

8. May also be asked to carry out specific assignments or projects as required by superiors.

Job Requirements

Education and Experience
High School diploma and/or general education degree (GED).
Knowledge and Skills
Good interpersonal skills with the ability to deal with customers in person and on the telephone. Must have good working knowledge of computers.
Physical Requirements
Lifting and carrying up to 25 lbs.                                  
Operating equipment such as computer, register, etc.
Bending, reaching and grasping                        
Standing for long periods, some walking                       
Telephone usage
Some tolerance for stress                                             
Communication (both verbal and written)
Hearing (auditory)                                                        
Sight or peripheral vision

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